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Finding a lawyer can be hard work. How do you know who's good and how much it should cost? That's where we can help. We have hundreds of hand-picked and rated lawyers ready to help in three easy steps:

Post a job for free

1. Post your job, for free

Answer a few questions about your enquiry so we can match you with the right experts and get you accurate quotes.

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2. Get up to 3 quotes

Within minutes you'll start receiving quotes from vetted, local, lawyers through our site.

Hire Rated Lawyer

3. Review and hire

Compare fees, profiles and ratings, then choose who to share your details with. Hire when you're ready. Simple!

I had five quotes from local lawyers to choose from within minutes. Hired one the same day. Great service!


Abi F., Staffordshire

Our lawyers are competing for your business, so you save vs. going direct


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You choose who to share your details with, no unwanted calls or emails

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